Winter Wonderland on the Outer Banks

There is a universal perception that when winter arrives Outer Banks sidewalks are rolled up. However, that is not an accurate depiction of life on these sandbars, starting with the fact that there are very few sidewalks and ending with the realization that there is plenty to do during the winter months.

Admittedly, the pace is considerably slower during the months of January and February when compared to activities available in the summer and shoulder seasons months. The winter is actually a wonderful “get away” season at the beach. The pace is slower, the crowds are nonexistent and rates are a great value. Many great restaurants and shops remain open, although night life venues are sparse. Here are just a few option available when you arrive: Continue reading “Winter Wonderland on the Outer Banks”

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The Outer Banks Second Season

It’s true, the “second season” on the Outer Banks just keeps getting better and better! Without a doubt, the summer is a great time to visit, but the fall is quickly become a very popular second season for those who love the Outer Banks. The weather has cooled and the crowds have diminished, but that is only a part of the big picture as the fall months are alive with great music, the ESA Surf Competition, a seafood fest and a fantastic marathons.

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Outer Banks Photo Opportunities

Photo albums are filled with images of Outer Banks beaches. Our pristine shoreline and endless panorama of sea and sky call out to photographers who want to capture sunrises over the Atlantic, sea birds and their families enjoying surf and sand.

Yet, the Outer Banks is more than just miles of shoreline. As beautiful as our beaches may be, there are numerous venues that offer camera-worthy photo opts. To add unique snapshots of our area to your collection, adventurous photographers should take note of the following scenic locations.

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Five Bike Rides: Outer Banks Trails

Bike Riding Outer BanksWorking with the NCDOT, local governments and the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, the Outer Banks has done a remarkable job of creating multi-use trails ideal for cycling, walking and running. Although it’s likely you’ll have to ride on the shoulder of a major road at some point during your rides, these distances are relatively short and easily managed for most riders. Here are five suggestions for memorable rides:

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Outer Banks Kite Flying Locations

Kite Flying in OBXThe Outer Banks has some of the best kite flying conditions in the country. The consistent winds that brought the Wright Brothers to Kitty Hawk are the same winds that easily lift kites into the sky.

Wind, of course, is the most important condition needed for flying a kite. Ideal winds for kite flying are around 6 mph to 17 or 18 mph. Below these wind speeds, specialized kites that are designed for light winds are required. When the winds are blowing at 20mph or more, kite flying becomes an aerobic exercise!

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