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    A Romantic Getaway

    September 16, 2020

    Some places feel it’s important to trumpet how great they are for lovers, what a wonderfully romantic location they are. On the Outer Banks, we don’t really have to wave our hands in the air, jump up and down and tell everyone how great a place this is for couples.

    It’s just the way it is. Anyone who has spent any time here knows the Outer Banks is wonderfully romantic and the perfect place for a couple’s getaway.

    Outer Banks Beach DunesIt is a well-known fact that our peak season is the summer—June, July, and August. It’s a pretty exciting time with our rental homes completely booked, restaurants filled and stores teeming with families.

    But for a couple wanting to get away for a week or two, there is no need to come in the summer. And we’ll let you in on a secret—we earn our living in the summer, but our favorite seasons are the spring and fall.

    An argument can be made for either one as the better time to be on the Outer Banks. From mid-April through May the temperatures are warm but mild. Same for September through mid-October. There are enough visitors coming to stay with us that our businesses are open, but the crush of summer is nowhere to be found.

    Spring and fall are, simply put, wonderful times to be on the Outer Banks.

    Romantic Getaway Outer Banks CoupleOne piece of advice for anyone planning on dipping into the Atlantic Ocean. The water can be quite brisk in the spring; conversely, the ocean retains the summer heat very well through mid-October.

    For couples who really want to slow down, consider winter, January and February. The pace of life slows way down at that time. For those of us who live here, the Outer Banks community is more like a village than many people realize and winter is when that village-like feel really comes out.

    It is important to note, though, that a number of our businesses close during the winter. Some of the owners are taking vacations; some are handling needed repairs and maintenance. There are certainly enough restaurants and stores open that no one is suffering, but the range of choices are much more limited.

    Things to Do


    Outer Banks chefs are world-class, preparing everything from Asian inspired dishes to classic French and Italian cuisines. Seafood is, of course, a specialty of the area, but our finest restauranteurs have developed strong relationships with regional food suppliers to ensure the freshest and finest ingredients.

    blue moon grill
    Blue Moon Grill in Nags Head

    A special night out often includes some live music as well, and the Outer Banks features musicians as good as any musicians anywhere.

    OBX Blues Player Mojo CollinsLive music is very much a part of what the Outer Banks is all about, and from May through September and into October there are a lot of choices available. When things really slow down, of course, there is not as much happening, but even in the dead of winter, there is somebody playing live music somewhere, especially on weekends.

    Beer Tasting Tour

    There are four microbreweries within fairly close proximity of one another on the Outer Banks. Weeping Radish is in Jarvisburg on the mainland, but it’s close enough.

    The four microbreweries are:

    Weeping Radish, Jarvisburg

    Northern Outer Banks Brewing Company, Corolla

    Outer Banks Brewing Company, Kill Devil Hills

    Lost Colony Brewery, Manteo

    lost colony brewingIf plans continue to move forward as they have been, there may be a fifth microbrewery in Kill Devil Hills by sometime next year.

    It may be a good idea to have a designated driver for this one.

    Take a Bike Ride

    The Outer Banks has made a real effort over the years to develop an extensive interconnected network of bike paths. Because of that, it is possible to ride from Corolla to Nags Head with only one short stretch in Corolla that is on the shoulder of a highway. Actually, for riders who really want a challenge, it’s possible to ride all the way to Hatteras because the new Marc Basnight Bridge includes a wide shoulder designed for bike riders.

    Early Morning OBX Bike RideFor riders who are not quite that engaged though, there are some wonderful shorter trips that are calling out to be enjoyed.

    Corolla Village is perfect for an easy ride. A little bit more challenging, but not difficult at all, the Woods Road in Kitty Hawk is a beautiful ride. Looking for a bit of history? Ride your bikes around the Wright Brothers Monument in Kill Devil Hills.

    The choices seem infinite. Go out and explore.

    Beach Combing

    When everything is all said and done, the reason people come to the Outer Banks is for our beautiful beaches, and there is nothing quite so romantic as walking by the sea with someone special and simply enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

    Beachcombing Outer Banks Sea ShellsWhen the crowds have gone home, the beach is all yours. Occasionally another couple may stroll by. Perhaps someone is out with their dog, exploring the sand.

    It is an idyllic setting. Romantic and perfect for a couple in love.