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Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Bears

Outer Banks Day Trip: The Wild Side

June 6, 2021
After visitors orient themselves to the Outer Banks, they almost invariably comment on how close to ...
Hatteras Inlet Aerial Ferry Service

Outer Banks Road Trips South

June 2, 2021
Outer Banks Road Trips South Getting to the Outer Bank is only part of the journey. The most impo...
Outer Banks Literature Quiz

Outer Banks Literature Quiz

May 28, 2021
With so many books written about the Outer Banks, reading about this strip of sand by the sea has be...
Blackbeard The Pirate

Outer Banks History Quiz

May 21, 2021
So you think you know something about the history of the Outer Banks? Let’s find out. Here’s our...
Lost Colony

The Lost Colony Quiz

May 14, 2021
So, you think you know the Outer Banks? Let’s find out. Here’s our Lost Colony Test. In two par...
Wright Flyer

The Wright Brothers Quiz

May 7, 2021
So you think you know the Outer Banks? Let’s find out. Here’s our Wright Brothers Test. [...
Outer Banks

The Outer Banks Quiz

April 30, 2021
So you think you know the Outer Banks? Let’s find out! Here’s our test of your knowledge of the ...
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Restoration

April 21, 2021
The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has seen a lot since the first-order Fresnel lens was first lit in 1870...
Beach Houses

History of Outer Banks Town Names

March 30, 2021
The towns of the Outer Banks have very distinctive names. Mostly there's nothing at all that sounds ...
Dunes and the ocean just beyond a pool ledge

Busy Year Predicted for the Outer Banks: 2021 Mostly Booked

March 22, 2021
The Outer Banks has been enormously popular as a 2021 destination choice for travelers. Carolina Des...
Red-tailed hawk

Animals of the Outer Banks — Raptors

Soaring over a body of water, or riding the thermals rising from a sand dune, raptors—birds of pre...
Outer Banks Beach

Becoming the Outer Banks

March 8, 2021
Driving along the Bypass or the Beach Road through the main Outer Banks towns of Kitty Hawk, Kill De...