Wild Horses of Corolla

Wild Horses CorollaIt’s June of 1561, and the fleet of Ángel de Villafañe is searching the coast of North Carolina for a suitable location to establish a colony when a hurricane strikes. Two of the ships flounder and sink to the depths.

In the panic on deck, horses break free. They are stronger swimmers than their human handlers and they make it to shore, finding solid footing on a narrow strip of sand and scrub grass on what is now the Currituck Banks.

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Little Known Outer Banks Facts

It may seem as though the Outer Banks simply sprang into existence one day, yet this strip of sand actually has a long and fascinating history. In my continuing series of “Five things you may not know about the Outer Banks,” I bring you five more interesting facts.

Nags Head was one of the very first tourist destinations in the United States.
When Perquimons County plantation owner, Francis Nixon, began sending his family to Nags Head to avoid the summer heat and malaria found in the coastal plains of North Carolina, other families took note. Soon Nags Head was the summer destination of choice for the plantation class of eastern North Carolina. By the beginning of the Civil War, the Nags Head Hotel, providing 100 rooms and located at the foot of Jockey’s Ridge, was catering to the tourism trade.

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Top 5 Outer Banks Beach Burgers

OBX Burger from Brew StationCourage comes in many forms but there may be nothing as courageous (or foolhardy) as trying to select “The best Outer Banks burger!” Nonetheless, in the interests of journalistic integrity I will publicly declare that these are the five finest burgers on the Outer Banks beaches.

But first, a quick note about what makes a great hamburger. Let me start by saying that a hamburger is not a health food, although some burgers may be healthier than others. For those seeking a healthy burger, many of our restaurants offer a variety of veggie, turkey and shrimp burgers that are a wonderful alternative.

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Glenn Eure, Outer Banks Living Legend

Glenn Eure OBX ArtOne of the best things about living on the Outer Banks is its active and creative art scene. It spans all ages and genres and filters into every aspect of our way of life.

And here’s the most remarkable thing about it–almost everyone who’s involved in the local arts scene can trace at least part of their success back to the same person, Glenn Eure. He’s in his 80s now, and he might have slowed down a bit, but he remains in many ways the heart and soul of the creative Outer Banks spirit.

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Outer Banks Weddings and Events

Red Sky Cafe DuckThe 2014 Outer Banks Wedding Expo came and went over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. It’s a popular event because destination weddings have become such a large part of the Outer Banks scene. Actually, it’s not just weddings any more. Increasingly local businesses that started in the wedding business are branching out to include event planning for large family reunions, team building seminars and corporate retreats. The real story here is what keeps bringing couples, families and businesses to our area, but first a few highlights about this year’s expo.

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