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    Endless Possibilities

    July 18, 2013

    There is, in downtown Manteo, one of the most wonderful and unique stores ever to be found. It is a place of sanctuary and hope, a place of joy and renewed faith in the potential of the human spirit.

    Endless Possibilities is located on Budleigh Street, just a bit up from the waterfront. It’s hard to miss. Two huge picture windows shine light into a store that is filled with color, looms and weavers.

    The space, though, is more than a store with unique merchandise and a different look. It was created around the concept that scraps of material could be woven into something new and something that would create the possibility of hope. The proceeds for the sale of these rewoven handbags, rag carpets and hats are given to Outer Banks Hotline to rebuild lives damaged and in crisis.

    Outer Banks Hotline is a human services organization that provides crisis intervention, temporary shelter, advocacy and education services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence, with a goal of promoting a safe and compassionate society.

    In 2002, Rabiah Hodges was teaching a weaving class in downtown Manteo. At the time the Outer Banks Hotline store was located next door to her studio. As she readied her merchandise for sale, she noticed there were lots of material scraps at Hotline that could not be sold. She knew once these scraps were cleaned, they could be woven into something new. The scraps became something new, and that something new was sold with proceeds given to Outer Banks Hotline.

    The Manteo Hotline store has since relocated. As a matter of fact, there are now four stores from Rodanthe to Kitty Hawk. Rabiah is now the owner of Chameleon Clogs in Nags Head, but Endless Possibilities is still a part of downtown Manteo and generates almost $100,000 every year for the Outer Banks Hotline.

    As a quick side note–Chameleon Clogs is very much worth a visit. This shop showcases a lot of creative skill and technique to create each pair, and Rabiah is a lot of fun to meet.

    At Endless Possibilities, weaving classes are still offered. As they point out on their website, the basics of weaving are easy to master and weaving on a loom seems to have a calming, therapeutic quality.
    The recreated product is still sold for the benefit of Outer Banks Hotline, but the store has become more than a place to buy a handbag or take a class. Step inside and it’s apparent it is a unique gathering place, a place of sanctuary from a world racing outside their doors.

    Most activities are unannounced, spontaneous; on First Fridays a drumming circle often forms inside the store; or women gather to exchange the latest news about Outer Banks happenings. It seems this is a place to feel safe and rested–a place to come, take a deep breath and remember the possibilities of the world.