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    More Than Pizza – Outer Banks Italian Restaurants

    February 25, 2020

    Italian restaurants have become so associated with pizza that sometimes it seems that’s the only thing there is to Italian cuisine.

    And that is unfortunate.

    So we decided to put together a list of our favorite Italian restaurants on the Outer Banks.

    Of course, other places serve Italian foods and Italian cuisine, and we probably missed a few places, but we think this is a good list to get things going.

    Some of the restaurants we’re listing are probably better known for their pizza. Don’t be fooled by that. They serve fantastic Italian dishes as well.


    La Dolce Vita

    (252) 453-0069

    798 C Sunset Blvd.

    TimBuck II Shopping Village

    La Dolce Vita Corolla NC Italian Restaurant

    Looking for a gourmet meal? La Dolce Vita is the place. Very relaxed atmosphere with some outdoor seating. Even though the entrees are on the classic cuisine side, there is a very nice children’s menu as well.

    They also serve pizza, but let’s face it anyplace that features a Crab and arugula pizza is going about it their own way.

    Expect a wait in the summer. It is a very popular place. A little pricier than other Outer Banks Italian restaurants, but worth it.

    Kitty Hawk Southern Shores

    Cosmos Pizzeria

    (252) 261-8388

    5591 N. Croatan Highway

    Marketplace at Southern Shores

    Cosmos Pizzaeria Southern Shores OBX Exterior

    Cosmos really does shade more to the pizzeria side but the basic pasta dishes they serve are so good they need to be included. A nice small seating area. Prices are very reasonable.

    Josephine’s Sicilian Kitchen


    3701 Croatan Highway

    Dune Shops

    Kitty Hawk

    Looking to go where the locals eat? Josephine’s is the place. True Sicilian cuisine. Huge portions. Just about everything is made from scratch including the Italian sausage which will change your view of that the classic forever.

    Josephines Kitchen Kitty Hawk

    The menu is constantly changing so there are good reasons to go more than once.

    No reservations, so there may be a bit off wait but it’s worth it. Also, tables tend to be packed fairly close together. Be sociable—it’s part of the experience.

    Kill Devil Hills

    Slice Pizzeria

    (252) 449-8888

    710 South Croatan Highway

    MP 8.5, next to the Brewing Station

    Slice Pizza Kill Devil Hills OBX Interior

    Wonderful pizza, probably the largest selection on the Outer Banks of pizza by the slice, the garlic knots, spinach rolls and sausage rolls are amazing.

    But don’t stop there.

    They have a very nice selection of pasta dishes, all of them prepared to order from their own recipes. Hard to pick out a favorite by the penne Bolognese is worth trying.

    There is a small seating area and a couple of stools at the bar.

    Max’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

    1712 North Croatan Highway

    Dare Center Shopping Center

    Max's Italian Restaurant $ Pizzeria entrance

    When the restaurant was in Kitty Hawk it was Max’s Real Pizza, but the kitchen was never quite big enough for Chef Grant Sharp to spread his creative wings.

    The move to the Dare Center, next to Food Lion, in Kill Devil Hills, changed all of that.

    They still create pizza that is on the good side of OMG, but the specialty dishes coming out of the kitchen take Max’s to a whole new level. Be sure to check out Grant’s daily specials.

    The wait staff is friendly but professional. The seating area is casual and family friendly.

    Nags Head

    New York Pizza Pub

    (252) 441-2660

    2217 S. Croatan Highway

    New York Pizza Pub Nags Head OBX Interior

    One of the largest restaurants on the Outer Banks. Good pizza and the Italian dishes are innovative, well-prepared and tasty.

    With lots of big screen TVs at the bar, it’s a great place to check out your favorite sports team.

    During the summer, NY Pizza Pub is one of the best live music venues around.