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    Food Trucks Of The Outer Banks

    July 30, 2018

    Featured image courtesy of Outer Banks Frozen Yogurt Facebook Page

    The Outer Banks Enters the Age of the Food Truck

    It looks as though the Outer Banks has entered the Age of the Food Truck, following suit with many regions both small and large.

    That doesn’t mean there’s a food truck ready to serve surprising gourmet food on every corner…or any corner for that matter. With one exception, which we’ll get to later in the story. For the most part, the food trucks make their appearances at large event venues and for catering.

    Outer Banks Brewing Station food truck – courtesy of Soundside Live Food Truck Showdown Facebook page

    Nonetheless, there’s quite a number of them, and they’re worth looking for at almost any outdoor event. To a remarkable degree, they represent some of the best restaurants and chef’s on the Outer Banks, and the food they’re serving is wonderful.

    The one exception…the one true food truck that’s parked along side of the road almost every day (drum roll please….)

    Tubbs Hot Dogs

    Monday through Friday the little hot dog stand is parked at the corner of Barnes Street and South Croatan Highway in Nags Head. There is nothing fancy about what he serves, just delicious hot dogs, great sausage, and homemade chili.

    There are a number of reasons why there are no food trucks parked permanently to serve lunch or dinner. Much of that can be attributed to zoning and local ordinances.

    Additionally, many of these food trucks are offshoots of brick and mortar restaurants, which are incredibly busy as it is in the summertime. Nonetheless, there can be little doubt that the Outer Banks Food Truck Revolution is here. The First Annual Food Truck Showdown in Nags Head was a great way to get ready for the summer and the event was an extraordinary success. Twelve trucks on hand…and a huge crowd.

    We’ve put together a list of Outer Banks food trucks.

    The One True Food Truck

    Tubbs Hot Dogs
    Almost always at the corner of Barnes Street and South Croatan Highway in Nags Head. Hot dogs, sausage and homemade chili for the dogs.

    The Chef’s Creations
    Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe
    Will often have a variety of offerings on hand, but specialize in fresh seafood…and do it very well.

    Big Daddy’s Brick Oven Pizza

    Huge slices of freshly made pizza, big soft pretzels. Big Daddy’s is one of the few food trucks that is to a part of a restaurant.
    The Black Pelican
    Seafood and some truly innovative dishes.
    Coastal Provisions Oyster Bar & Wine Bar Cafe
    Makes some great sliders. Almost always has a small oyster bar ready to go.
    Fork’et Me Not
    Innovative, great finger food and they make everything from scratch. Another food truck standalone.

    High Cotton NC BBQ
    Excellent East Carolina barbecue from a true pit master.

    Kelly’s OBX Catering

    The largest caterer on the Outer Banks and as a consequence, they have the most varied menu. The sweet potato biscuits are classic.
    Lost Colony Brewery and Café
    Food is always well-prepared with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Beer is very good as well. Very much in an English style.
    Mulligan’s Grille

    American cuisine done right. Great burgers.

    Outer Banks Brewing Station
    Some of the best pub food on the Outer Banks and that’s what they serve from their truck. A wide range of their own brewed beer as well.

    Sooeys BBQ

    Pulled pork, beef briskey, barbecued chicken…what else is there to say?

    The Spot

    Very tasty healthy food. Wraps, smoothies among other things.

    Sugar Creek Seafood Restaurant
    One of the best of the Outer Banks chefs turning out some excellent seafood dishes.
    Ice Cream Desserts and Such

    OBX Frozen Yogurt
    The name says it all. Lot and lots of toppings.

    OBX Sunset Slush

    Perfect on a hot day—classic Italian ice.

    Tiki Hut Ice Cream Truck

    A classic ice cream truck. Travels from place to place.