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    Best Lunch Spots on the Outer Banks

    April 24, 2018

    One of life’s small but often overlooked pleasures is having lunch with friends or family. There is something special about taking a break in the middle of the day to spend an hour or so just enjoying life.

    We thought we would sit down and put together a list of our favorite lunch spots, but it didn’t take us long to realize that we couldn’t do it all in one list. First of all, there are too many places that we’ve come to enjoy! The following list includes restaurants that are open year round.


    Poor Richards Sandwich Shop

    305 Queen Elizabeth Street

    Phone: (252) 473-3333

    Located on the waterfront in downtown Manteo, for good reason Poor Richards is a local’s favorite place for lunch – providing a cozy atmosphere and great food, including very good sandwiches at reasonable prices, homemade soup, a location on the waterfront and quick service.

    Nags Head

    Blue Moon Beach Grill

    Surfside Plaza

    4104 S Virginia Dare Trail

    Phone: (252) 261-2583

    Certainly more than a sandwich shop, Blue Moon offers creative original dishes. A personal favorite? The mahi-mahi BLT. For the vegetarian there’s a chargrilled portobello sandwich.

    The kitchen knows what to do with fresh fish, so don’t be afraid to order the catch of the day if it’s on the menu.

    Can get very busy at times, so there may be a bit of a wait.

    Blue Moon Beach Grill

    Kill Devil Hills

    Country Deli

    1900 S Croatan Hwy

    Phone: (252) 441-5684

    When Country Deli moved from it’s original location in Surfside Plaza in Nags Head the burning question was, “What will change?”

    There have been changes and as far as we can tell, but they’ve all been for the good. There’s seating now, the reason ownership felt they had to move; the additional room also means they can offer a few more side items and drinks.

    But most importantly it’s what hasn’t changed. And that’s those massive, belly-busting sandwiches made to order. Some of the best sandwiches on the beach!

    Country Deli

    Kitty Hawk

    Art’s Place

    4624 N Virginia Dare Trail (Beach Road)

    (252) 261-3233 

    If there is a more iconic Outer Banks eatery than Art’s Place it would be hard to imagine. Seating is limited inside —there seems to be room for about 35-40 (in a pinch), and that include sitting at the counter.
    This is a classic hamburger haven—or heaven, depending on how these things are viewed. Burgers are cooked on a flattop, there’s lots of choices and if there is any concession to a low-fat diet with these, it’s not apparent.

    Burgers aren’t all they do well, though. Take a look at the daily specials.

    Art’s Place

    Southern Shores

    Coastal Provisions

    1 Ocean Blvd

    (252) 480-0023

    Located in Southern Shores Crossing, Coastal Provisions is the place to meet someone for a touch of gourmet at lunch. Owners Dan Lewis and Scott Foster are classically trained chefs, with Dan handling most of the food at Southern Shores.

    The chef’s touch is everywhere in food preparation. Even basic sandwiches seem to be taken up a notch. For a real treat, try the tuna salad made with fresh local tuna.

    The seating area is airy, spacious and comfortable. Nice wine list too.


    Roadside Bar & Grill

    1193 Duck Road

    Located in a converted home, and perched on a hill overlooking Duck Road, Roadside has a homelike, comfortable feel to it.

    Seating is limited, especially in the winter when outdoor tables aren’t available, but it’s still a great getaway spot for lunch with someone special.

    The menu is eclectic, featuring everything from sandwiches to Étouffée. The burgers are huge and seafood always well-prepared.

    Roadside in Duck

    This is not by any means a complete list. There are so many great locations for lunch on the Outer Banks and there is no way to include all of them. Look for our next list when we’ll feature some of the locations that are open seasonally.