Outer Banks Seafood Markets

Dave Shields of the FV Watersport

A great aspect of Outer Banks life for visitors and residents is walking into most any restaurant, ordering a seafood platter and getting fresh local seafood that is quite good. Due to our location, it just makes sense. The town of Wanchese on Roanoke Island is a historic fishing village, and there are quite a number of fishermen who call the Outer Banks home.

It’s always a treat to have someone prepare a beautiful plate of shrimp or tuna, but often it’s equally enjoyable to prepare a fresh seafood meal at home with family and friends. If you’re unfamiliar with Outer Banks seafood markets, here’s a short list to help you along.

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Eastern North Carolina Barbecue

NC Eastern Pork BBQJust about everywhere you go in this part of North Carolina, it seems pork barbecue is offered on the menu.  It’s a traditional way of preparing pig, so traditional that it seems to predate colonial times.  

It’s mostly conjecture masquerading as an educated guess, but general consensus is the word “barbecue” came from the language of the Caribbean Native Americans. Their word “barbacoa” seems to translate to a sacred fire pit in which game is cooked over the embers of a fire. 

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