Pet-Friendly Vacation Tips

pet laws outer banks

If you’re bringing your four legged best friend on this family vacation, we recommend you do a bit of planning beforehand to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone. The beach is a fantastic place to bring your dog, and we provide over 100 pet-friendly Outer Banks rentals so you can cohabitate in luxury! Before you arrive, make sure you are aware of each town’s leash laws (below) and any other safety concerns.

When hanging out on the beach with your furry friend, bring fresh water for them so that they don’t resort to drinking saltwater. Your dog might try to drink the saltwater regardless, so keep an eye on them. Drinking too much saltwater can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Also, make sure that you bring plenty of plastic baggies to clean up after your pet. Carolina Designs Realty provides a leash clip-on baggie dispenser at check in. (Clean beaches are our pride and joy here on the Outer Banks and we appreciate all efforts of our guests and residents to keep it that way!)

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Water Sports on the Outer Banks

Outer-Banks-Jet-SkiIn the Outer Banks, the spring and summer seasons are the perfect time to partake in some adventurous and exciting water sports.  There’s plenty of variety when it comes to choosing your adventure.  Whether you’re new to water sports or you think that you live on the water, there is something for everyone in the Outer Banks.  There are a ton of places around the area where anyone from nervous beginners to seasoned experts can have a good time.  While you’re staying in one of our Outer Banks rentals, take advantage of the perfect weather and spend some quality time out there on the sound or on the ocean.

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Rare Beauty of the Wild Horses of Corolla

There are few experiences as breathtaking as the Spanish mustang herds that run wild and free along the shores of Corolla.  There are over 100 colonial Spanish mustangs living on about 7,544 acres of wild horse sanctuary in Corolla, and these beautiful animals have been roaming our shores for over 500 years. While staying at one of our Outer Banks Corolla rentals, set asideThere are over 100 colonial Spanish mustangs living on about 7,544 acres of wild horse sanctuary in Corolla some time during your vacation to witness these majestic horses.

Designated as the official state horse in 2010, the beautiful Spanish mustangs of Corolla are not native to the Outer Banks. Through DNA testing it was proven the wild horses are direct descendants of horses brought here by Spanish conquistadors and are currently registered as colonial Spanish mustangs. If you are staying in one of our secluded Outer Banks Corolla rentals, take time out to observe these wild and carefree creatures that have inhabited the shores of the OBX since the 1520’s. There are several stories that offer possible explanations of how these horses arrived. To learn more about their fascinating history and to witness their beauty firsthand, sign up for one of many tours that are available on the Outer Banks.

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Where Can I Practice Yoga on the Outer Banks?

Village Yoga Duck, NCThere’s nothing like a family trip to the Outer Banks to spend time with those you love, momentarily escape life’s responsibilities and soak up the salt water and sunshine. To further enhance your relaxation, consider spending time at our favorite new retreat in the town of Duck, Village Yoga.

Stepping into their bright and airy studio in Scarborough Faire is like entering a tree top sanctuary.  The space has an immediate calming effect and is creatively furnished with reclaimed wood from some of the Outer Bank’s oldest beach boxes, a relaxing palette of colors and local art.  

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Bodie Island Lighthouse Renovations

bodie island lighthouseThe striking black and white striped Bodie Island lighthouse provides one of the most distinctive and picturesque sceneries on the Outer Banks. Planning a visit to one of our OBX vacation rentals? Why not schedule a visit to the newly renovated Bodie Island Lighthouse? Re-opening this month, the tower is located on Bodie Island, just south of Nags Head. The 165 foot lighthouse that is standing today is actually the third attempt to illuminate the stretch of coastline between Currituck Beach and Cape Hatteras.

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Flying over the Outer Banks

Ryan Thibodeau flyingA few years ago I began my training to obtain a private pilot’s license.  Lucky for me, there was a great local instructor available on Currituck Mainland, so most of my training was around or close to the Outer Banks.  As a local who walked, cycled and drove around this area all of my life, I thought I had the geography figured out, but my flight experience would soon change these views.

My initial flight was more or less a scenic tour to get me comfortable in the small training aircraft.  I was a bit nervous at take-off, but once I got my first aerial view of the Outer Banks, my nervousness subsided and my excitement level grew.  From 2,000 feet above the ground, the Outer Banks looks like an oversized sandbar, and I realized the geography was much different than anticipated.

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Calling all Buccaneers to the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is an area rich in historical significance, including the site of the first English settlement and Lost Colony on Roanoke Island and the Wright Brother’s first manned air flight in Kill Devil Hills.  But, there is another part of Outer Banks history that is a bit darker and wilder.  While staying at your Outer Banks rental, you will notice a prevalent pirate culture in our area.  It’s aCalling all Buccaneers to the Outer Banks! tradition celebrated by restaurants, shops, festivals and recreational events.  How did this pirate obsession evolve?  It all began with one of the most terrifying buccaneers of his time, the pirate Blackbeard.

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Ways to Witness the Rare Beauty of the Wild Horses of Corolla

corolla wild horsesThere are few images quite as breathtaking as seeing one of the Spanish mustang horses run wild and free along the shores of Corolla. Although the Outer Banks have been relatively isolated and under-developed until recently, these wild mustangs have been roaming its shores for over 500 years. There are over 100 colonial Spanish mustangs living on about 7,544 acres of land. Often called a wild horse sanctuary, the land is actually about 1/3 public land and 2/3 private. When you are staying at one of our Outer Banks Corolla rentals, you may even see the horses galloping down the beach.

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Spring Activities on the Outer Banks

spring outer banksThere are so many reasons to feel joyous on the Outer Banks. Why this celebration?  Because spring has arrived, and this means warmer temperatures, sunshine, flip flops, and, of course, the beach. Our seasonal spring-break travelers have come and gone, but there are many home owners and guests who plan their visits prior to the busy summer season.  Although it may be too cool for certain water sports and activities, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy while staying in one of our luxury Outer Banks oceanfront rentals.

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Hidden Treasures of the Outer Banks

People stay at our charming Outer Banks rentals for more than just one reason.  They know that our Outer Banks rentals are beautiful, luxurious and packed with all the amenities that you’d need for a vacation home away from home. However, visitors also choose to rent from us because of the fantastic location! Whether you’re looking for a place to bring the entire family, the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, or a weekender spot for friends to reunite, the Outer Banks is a favorite vacation haven for people across the nation and all over the world.

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