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    Carolina Keiki Children’s Store

    By Ryan
    October 8, 2014

    Carolina Keiki Outer BanksAfter almost a year in business, Carolina Keiki has become the prominent retailer of unique children’s clothing and accessories on the Outer Banks. Located in the Waterfront Shops in Duck, NC, Carolina Keiki (Hawaiian for “child”) pedals everything from baby moccasins to swimwear, with a strong focus on local and handmade items. This small, colorful shop is located right on the sound front, sandwiched between a taco shop and a candy store, and the interior can’t help but make you smile.

    Uncommon goods and bright mini-fashion looks line the walls, peppered with local art and organic products. Upon entering, it’s clear that the store’s owner, Brittany Finch, wanted to create something that was a “tribute to the magic of childhood.” Originally from Cincinnati, Finch married a Duck native after moving to the Outer Banks in 2004. Carolina Keiki is her first business, and, for lack of a better word, her baby. The concept was inspired by Finch’s passion for birth and the “wonderment of childhood,” and the name inspired by their first trip with their daughter to Hawaii.

    Carolina Keiki has a strong focus on locally made items, and Finch has worked hard to stock products that align with her love for and involvement with the local community. Many of the products “makers” are also local mothers, who craft all-natural sunscreens, play-time head dresses, quilts, leather baby moccasins, funky art, and more.

    Within their first six months of opening, Finch decided to try her hand at her own clothing line. With the help of two other locals, artist Chris Kemp and seamstress/pattern-maker Casey Barley, Carolina Keiki Handmade was born. Ranging from size newborn to 6x, pieces include headbands, pleated skirts, and shorts. The tee shirts are a highlight of the collection. Soft and trendy, they feature bold graphics with sayings like “It’s All Rainbows and Unicorns” and “Go With the Flow.” High quality construction and fabrics, paired with imaginative design, truly make these items special.

    The products at Carolina Keiki are a tribute to Finch’s belief that “childhood is handmade.” The brick and mortar store has also expanded to online sales. Visit www.carolinakeiki.com to check out their clothes and accessories.

    Carolina Keiki
    The Waterfront Shops
    1240 Duck Road
    Duck, NC