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    Hurricane Arthur Update: July 4, 2014 11:00 AM

    By Ryan
    July 4, 2014

    Hurricane ArthurAll Hurricane Warnings have been **DISCONTINUED**

    Damage assessment teams are in the field throughout Dare County today surveying the effects of Hurricane Arthur. Preliminary assessments indicate that overall Dare County did not suffer the impact as severely as forecasts suggested. Some of the areas that are prone to soundside flooding are dealing with high water levels this morning. Dare County officials are thankful that there was no loss of life or serious injury reported as a result of the storm.

    Read the latest Emergency Information from Dare County [More Details…]

    Currituck County Emergency Management reports that Currituck County sustained little damage throughout the hurricane. Despite Arthur strengthening to a Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 100 mph, a last minute slight shift to the east helped to limit the damage. At this time, no reports of any injuries or major property damage have been reported. Reports of some downed trees have come in, but none that affect any roadways.

    Storm Reports and Other Information

    Winds will continue to diminish throughout the day as Arthur pulls away from the area. Tropical Storm-force winds with gusts to Hurricane-force will be possible for the next few hours.

    Water levels on the soundside will recede this morning as the winds diminish.

    There will be rough surf with breaking waves in excess of 15-feet.

    For NC Travel Information, visit NCDOT HERE

    For an interactive Power Outage map, visit Dominion Power HERE

    For our Current Guests
    Please report any storm-related issues to us as quickly as possible. Carolina Designs has staff at our offices now, but we plan to close at 3 pm this afternoon for the holiday. You may email us at [email protected] or call us if we can be of service. Thank you for your assitance.

    For our Incoming Guests
    Our damage assessment teams are in the field today surveying any effects of the storm. While we have not discovered any major issues, we do have minor issues in some of the homes that may cause some inconvenience. We are dealing with these as efficiently as possible. Please accept our thanks for your patience while we work through any storm related issues and prepare your vacation rental home for your arrival. Best wishes for the fourth and safe travels.

    For our Property Owners
    We are working to assist guests currently in the homes who are reporting storm-related issues. We will be reviewing all homes that are unoccupied or where the guests departed early and will report to those homeowners. Our staff is working to ensure that you are informed of any issues that are found.

    Our offices are currently staffed and open, however we plan to close at 3:00 this afternoon for the holiday. You may email us at [email protected] or call us if we can be of service.

    For the latest official information on Arthur, please use the following:

    Dare County | Currituck County

    National Weather Service Arthur Statement for region covering Dare County

    National Weather Service Arthur Statement for region covering Currituck County

    National Hurricane Center’s Arthur Page

    Dare County Emergency Management is on Twitter! Follow @DareCoEM
    Currituck County is on Twitter! Follow @CurrituckGov
    Hyde County is on Twitter! Follow @HydeNC
    Hurricane Arthur is on Twitter! Follow @NHC_Atlantic