Outer Banks Research Facilities

Throughout the years the Outer Banks has attracted more than its fair share of visitors, interlopers and those who choose to become permanent residents. Most arrive for the beauty of our beaches and relaxed lifestyle, others for water sports and recreation, fishing and hunting. More recently we’ve seen those relocating to cultivate business opportunities. Lately, an interesting new trend has developed and that is the arrival of scientists.

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Unique Outer Banks Water Activities

Hatteras ClammingBordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and innumerable sounds to the west, it’s a safe guess that most Outer Banks outdoor activities center around being on the water. With all the opportunities to enjoy time on the water and the extraordinary range of options, here are a few out of the ordinary suggestions for consideration.

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Dynamic Outer Banks “Hot Spots”

The Outer Banks is a remarkably dynamic place with immense sandbars that rise above sea level. Because of this fact, the force of the wind and sea can have a dramatic impact on the shoreline. Yet the majority of the Outer Banks remains stable. Some of this stability is a result of geography or nature; other secure areas are the result of human intervention including South Nags Head’s recent success with beach nourishment.

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The Four Seasons of the Outer Banks

Being a part of the Outer Banks community creates a unique perspective on life. In most regions a change in seasons bring an obvious change in lifestyle. But since we reside in a popular resort community with tourism as our main industry, when visitors go home it seems everything in our lives change in distinct ways.

The Outer Banks is a series small towns linked together by a thin ribbon of road and common purpose. For those who genuinely appreciate small town life, winter is a great time of year to be on the Outer Banks.

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Daredevil’s Baseball on the Outer Banks

Daredevils Baseball OBXOuter Banks Daredevils baseball is back for another year at the First Flight High School ball field located in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

There are no aluminum pings when bat meets ball, just the satisfying “pop” of wood connecting with leather that has been a part of baseball since the sport was invented.

Bringing college talent to the Outer Banks, the Daredevils play in the Tidewater Summer League, a wooden bat league that gives college kids who’ve spent their careers playing with aluminum bats, a first chance to experience what playing under major league rules is all about.

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