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    Outer Banks for Dogs!

    By Ryan
    December 28, 2017

    We came across an article in the LA Times recently about pet-friendly cities, and doggone it! They didn’t list the Outer Banks…

    Here at Carolina Designs we’re willing to concede that maybe the Outer Banks, because it’s really a group of small towns and villages, did not quite rise to the level of consciousness required to make the list…

    Nonetheless, we call foul!

    Ziggy at Sea Hawk Beach Duck NCThe Outer Banks is a very pet-friendly place, because we are all about family vacations — and let’s face it, pets are members of our families.

    Of course, when we are talking about pets and pet-friendly in this context, we are talking about dogs. It’s not that we don’t like cats; in fact we love cats. It’s just that cats and dogs are very different species, and not too many people have successfully put a leash on a cat…plus, our pet friendly homes only allow dogs.

    But for dog owners—bring the canine members of the family with you…the Outer Banks is a great place for humans and dogs, and almost half of our vacation homes are pet friendly.

    A couple of things to remember to keep our canine visitors healthy and happy.

    Like the rest of us, many dogs love to jump in the surf and frolic in the ocean. Just like us humans, drinking sea water is not a good idea. Have some fresh water around just in case.

    Also while at the ocean, watch out for rip currents—good advice for all of us.

    Dog on the beach Duck NC Outer BanksEspecially on a sunny summer day, dry sand can be 25-30 degrees hotter than the air temperature—hot enough to cause second degree burns in humans and dogs.

    Carolina Designs Pet Policies

    Our rental homes permit a maximum of two dogs per home and a pet fee of $125 plus tax will be charged. During your stay, please clean up after your dog at your rental home and while visiting the beach. Pets are not allowed in the pools.

    Dogs on the Beach – Town  Rules and Regulations

    Corolla – Dogs are allowed on the beach with a year round leash law. Your pet must be on a leash at all times. Pet owners/handlers are responsible for removal of pet waste.

    Whalehead Club & Heritage Park – Same rules apply as Corolla.

    Duck – Dogs are allowed on the beach unleashed, but as a matter of public safety and courtesy, they should be under the watchful eye and contact of their owner. They must be leashed, with a leash not exceeding 10 ft. while in the town limits. townofduck.com

    Southern Shores – Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 15 – September 15. Year-round leash law. All pet waste must be collected immediately and deposited in appropriate containers.

    Kitty Hawk – Dogs are allowed on the beach. Owner handler must remove feces and possess a bag/container for waste removal at all times. From the Friday before Memorial Day until the day after Labor Day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., dogs must be on a leash not exceeding 6 feet. Dogs may be taken off the leash only if they will not disturb other people on the beach and must be controlled by the handler, who must remain within 30 feet of the dog at all times. Leash must be with owner/handler at all times. townofkittyhawk.org

    Kill Devil Hills – Between May 1 and September 30 of each year, no dogs shall be permitted on the public beach between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. unless being used to aid a handicapped person. At all other times, no dogs shall be permitted on the public beaches except upon a leash and under the control of owner or handler. (Ord. 15-1, passed 6-8-15) http://www.kdhnc.com/faq.aspx

    Nags Head – Dogs are allowed on the beach year round with a leash. Pet owners/handlers are responsible for removal of pet waste and are to maintain control of their pets at all times. Pet waste is not to be buried in the sand or put in the ocean.

    Ocracoke Island – Dogs are allowed on the beach year-round if they are restrained on a 6 ft. leash. Pets are prohibited on designated swimming beaches. Guide dogs for the visually impaired are permitted to remain with their owners at all times.

    National and State Parks

    Cape Hatteras National Seashore – Dogs are allowed on the beach year-round if they are restrained on a 6 ft. leash. Pets are prohibited on designated swimming beaches. Guide dogs for the visually impaired are permitted to remain with their owners at all times.

    Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge – All domestic pets must be properly confined, leashed (10-foot maximum) and under owner control at all times. On Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, pets are not allowed on the west side of NC Highway 12, except in areas adjacent to parking areas (not allowed on wildlife trails).

    Jockey’s Ridge State Park – Pets are allowed in the park. However they are not permitted inside the buildings. Please remember a few safety rules. Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. And remember to be considerate of other park visitors and clean up after your pet.

    Dog Parks

    Kitty Hawk Dog Park

    Dare County maintains a dog park on Kitty Hawk Road in Kitty Hawk. It is a very nice park. There are some regulations governing its use, and an application must be filled out and approved.

    The Kitty Hawk Dog Park is open to all residents and visitors of Dare County. In order to receive the keycode for entrance and exit through the gate at the Kitty Hawk Dog Park, dog owners are required to complete the Kitty Hawk Dog Park Application and fax, email or bring the completed application and a rabies certificate to the Northern Beach Division Office at 602 Mustian St. Kill Devil Hills for each dog.

    Pet Stores

    Holistic Pet Shop   

    3105 Croatan Hwy

    Kill Devil Hills

    (252) 449-0331

    Island Pet Gallery

    Croatan Hwy

    Kill Devil Hills

    (252) 480-1799

    Outer Barks 

    1171 Duck Rd


    (252) 261-6279


    2210 S Croatan Hwy

    Nags Head

    (252) 564-3061


    Animal Hospital of Nags Head

    Nags Head

    (252) 441-8611

    Coastal Animal Hospital

    3616 N Croatan Hwy, MP5
    Kitty Hawk

    (252) 261-3960

    Martin’s Point Veterinary Hospital

    6405 N Croatan Hwy

    Kitty Hawk

    (252) 261-2250

    Gallery Row Animal Hospital

    206 E Gallery Row

    Nags Head

    (252) 715-5300

    Roanoke Island Animal Clinic

    107 Russell Twiford Rd


    (252) 473-3117