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    Milepost 6 Shopping Center

    April 29, 2016

    There aren’t many large shopping centers on the Outer Banks. For the most part, local businesses are found in the small strip centers that dot our local landscape. There’s a number of reasons for this fact. In earlier days there was a scarcity of large land parcels available for development and not a clear vision for business growth. Regardless, these strip centers add to the charm and character of the Outer Banks and have allowed for unique small shops and restaurants to thrive.

    One of the smallest and most popular of those small strip centers is MP6 in Kill Devil Hills. Located on the west side of the bypass at milepost 6, this center is easy to locate by looking for its dominant green sign with white lettering.

    This location is home to two popular local businesses. To the extent that many people may not refer to the center by its name, instead it’s known as home to the Kill Devil Hills location of the Front Porch Cafe, where a sizable number of Outer Bankers go for morning coffee.

    Front Porch is a classic coffee shop. Centrally located, it’s become a popular place to schedule meetings or for quick stops for pastries and specialty coffees. There can be a wait during prime coffee times, but the quality makes the wait worthwhile.

    A portion of the KDH Front Porch Cafe is Glazin’ Go-Nuts, which is a great place to take youngsters. With a huge selection of pre-made pottery to choose from, customers select colors and design patterns that result in unique pottery piece. The end product is then glazed to create a memorable Outer Banks souvenir to commemorate your trip.

    Next door is Chip’s Wine & Beer Market, which has one of the largest wine selections on the Outer Banks and great prices too! In addition to their amazing wine selection, they have a superior beer inventory with craft, specialty and worldwide beers filling their shelves. Regardless of your drink preferences, this is a one stop shopping destination to please everyone in your traveling group.

    Chip’s is also home to the Outer Banks Wine University. There are no diplomas handed out here, but attending one of their classes in the tasting lounge is a fun way to increase your knowledge without the snobbery often associated with wine tastings.

    Another MP6 establishment, that’s truly different is the Outer Banks Olive Oil Company. This gourmet specialty shop is home to premium extra virgin olive oils from around the world. For anyone who has never experienced the diverse range of artisan olive oil flavors, a visit to this shop will be a pleasing revelation. Other specialties available are a wide variety of balsamic vinegars. Far removed in flavor and texture from the blended balsamic vinegars sold in grocery stores, the amazing range of favors is the largest in the region.

    Bangs Salon & Spa is the last business in the plaza and is located on the south end. This hair salon offers a full range of affordable services for the entire family and walk-ins are welcome. While one family member is being pampered, this smart location offers plenty of options that are sure to entertain all age groups!