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    Outer Banks Baseball Takes the Field

    July 3, 2013

    Here’s something fun, unexpected and reasonably priced for families looking for something a little different to do during their Outer Banks vacation. After taking a year off, Outer Banks Daredevils baseball is back and all is right in the summertime world again.

    The Daredevils play in the Tidewater League–a six team league with most teams based in the Hampton Roads area. This is a wooden bat league, one of many similar leagues throughout the United States that is designed for college ballplayers. For some, this is their first step into professional baseball.

    Outer Banks DaredevilsFrom T-ball through college, aluminum bats are used, but professional baseball uses wooden bats. For many of these players, it’s the first time they’ve used this type of bat. No aluminum pings when a ball is hit, just the satisfying “pop” of wood meeting leather that has been a part of baseball since Abner Doubleday.

    Games are played at the First Flight High School sports complex (111 Veterans Drive, Kill Devil Hills) and everything about an evening with the Daredevils is designed for families. Ticket prices are reasonable–Adults: $3, Students and Seniors: $2 and Children under 12 are free. The field is protected, so kids can run around and have a great time. The seating is designed to put fans near the action and the quality of play is surprisingly good. Although not the caliber of professional baseball, a lot of the players on the diamond will be playing for minor league teams in the next year or two.

    There are lots of little touches that make going to a Daredevils game a truly unique experience. Concession prices are reasonable and there’s a bit of creativity in what is offered. Yes there are burgers and hot dogs, but where else can you get a fresh grilled tuna or rockfish sandwich for just $6.00? One point to keep in mind–because the games are played on school property, no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

    It’s good, wholesome fun in a wonderful small town kind of way. The location is central to many Outer Banks vacation rentals, so don’t miss this opportunity.

    Home games are every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday through July. For more information about the team, game schedules and directions, visit http://outerbanksdaredevils.com.