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    Category: Beach Nourishment

    beach nourishment duck nc

    Beach Nourishment | One Year Later

    October 21, 2018
    Beach Nourishment One Year Later One of the most significant concerns about beach nourishment relate...
    Duck NC Beach Nourishment grass

    Post Beach Nourishment – Beach Grass Planting in Duck, NC

    By Ryan
    January 18, 2018
    Last summer, a few towns on the Outer Banks took on a serious project: beach nourishment. Beach nour...
    Outer Banks Beach Nourishment

    Nourishment, Sea Level Rise and the Big Picture

    April 26, 2017
    In March of this year, the town of Southern Shores decided to move forward with beach nourishment, p...
    Outer Banks Beach Nourishment Map

    How Is Beach Nourishment Paid For?

    February 21, 2017
    With an initial price tag of $38.6 million, nourishing the beaches of northern Dare County is expens...
    kitty hawk beach road damage

    Beach Nourishment Environmental & Cost Concerns

    February 16, 2017
    As it has gained popularity as a means of stabilizing shorelines and protecting infrastructure, conc...
    Outer Banks Beach Push

    Alternatives to Beach Nourishment

    February 3, 2017
    For thousands of years, humans have been trying to protect our shorelines from an encroaching sea - ...
    Outer Banks Beach Nourishment

    Outer Banks Beach Nourishment

    January 24, 2017
    For more information on 2017 beach nourishment areas and timelines, visit our Beach Nourishment Inf...