What’s New on the Outer Banks?

Josephines restaurant outer banksThere’s a saying, “What’s old is new.” And that’s certainly true with Outer Banks restaurants. What’s old news for locals, is often surprisingly new to those arriving at their Outer Banks vacation rental. While I can’t note everything that’s new or different, I want to reference a few notable changes for visitors. Restaurants seem to change names, shift ownership and move around more than other types of businesses, and this past year was no exception.

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Outer Banks Musicians

Outer Banks MusiciansIn the summer, many venues on the Outer Banks offer live music and chances are really good it’s going to be quality music. The problem is trying to isolate a favorite musician, or two, or three, or four, or five–so here goes–my list of “don’t miss” Outer Banks musicians.

Ruth Wyand, has a powerful folksy voice, plays a killer guitar and is comfortable in just about any form of music from rock to folk to jazz. Laura Martier, a great local jazz singer, will sit in with her from time to time and these two create a sound that rivals any professional musicians anywhere.

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Roanoke Island Festival Park Information

Roanoke Island Festival Park

Located in Manteo, this 25-acre interactive historic site is convenient to all of our vacation rentals in the Outer Banks. Only 5 miles from Nags Head and 30 minutes from both Hatteras Island and Kitty Hawk, this park is a must-see for all visitors and guests to the Outer Banks. With tons of Outer Banks history, nature, recreation and family activities this is the ideal choice for a day outing with the entire family.

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The Quiet Side of the Outer Banks

kayak_9One issue with living in a beach community–especially a resort area like the Outer Banks–is the sand and the surf are so wonderful that visitors may miss a whole range of experiences on the other side of the sandbar. The sounds that form the western border of the Outer Banks are beautiful ecological wonders just waiting to be explored. Shallow and generally fairly calm, they are ideal bodies of water to be explored in a kayak.

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The Best Local OBX Seafood (And Where To Get It!)

Based on our location, it’s no surprise that the Outer Banks boasts some of the best seafood restaurants and markets on the coast. Whether searching for a local restaurant with a talented chef, or fresh seafood to prepare at your Outer Banks rental, this area has year round access to seasonal local seafood that is fresh, delicious and plentiful.

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