Navigating Outer Banks Terminology Part II

Navigating on the Outer Banks is simple; everything is either north or south. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and extensive bays, estuaries and sounds are to the west. Even at it’s widest point, the Outer Banks is barely two miles across.

Nonetheless, when asking directions and a resident casually replies, “Oh, yeah, that’s in Colington,” your confusion will likely continue. We hope this helps to understand our region and assuming terminology.

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Navigating Outer Banks Terminology Part 1

Every area has its own phrasing to describe how to get around their community. First time travelers to New York City likely won’t know references to the “Village” mean Greenwich Village. The same logic applies to San Francisco’s Nob Hill or Kensington in London. Those new to the Outer Banks will find local lingo is quite similar.

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Art Party Palooza on the OBX

The Outer Banks has a high concentration of incredibly talented artists. Combined with a local community that prides itself on being creative and a few hundred thousand visi-tors showing up every week in the summer, the result is a thriving art community. Art Parties are a direct result of this pool of talent and quest for creativity. Lushes with Brushes, Paint a Pup, Spin Art OBX —- these are just a few of the themed parties that local artists have dreamed up. We’ve tracked down three artists combining parties and art-making to ask them about their experience bringing creativity to vacationers and locals alike.

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Outer Banks and WWII

When the War was at Our Doorstep

OBX WWII Submarine
Photo courtesy of the OBX History Center

The history of the Outer Banks is filled with the tales of pirates and sea battles. But not all the battles fought off the coast of North Carolina were shrouded in the mists of history and legend. One of the most horrific battles of WWII was the Battle of the Atlantic, and North Carolina was on the front lines of that struggle.

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Outer Banks Research Facilities

Throughout the years the Outer Banks has attracted more than its fair share of visitors, interlopers and those who choose to become permanent residents. Most arrive for the beauty of our beaches and relaxed lifestyle, others for water sports and recreation, fishing and hunting. More recently we’ve seen those relocating to cultivate business opportunities. Lately, an interesting new trend has developed and that is the arrival of scientists.

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