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    Things to do at Your Outer Banks Beach House

    May 3, 2013

    It’s true that some of our guests arrive on the Outer Banks and are ready for adventure, but many others arrive, unpack and spend their time strolling between their vacation home and our beautiful beaches.  Relaxation is their focus and they arrive with no other agenda.  If you fall into this category, we offer these suggestions to make the most of your respite.

    Escape with a Good Book – Whether you’re an avid reader, or someone who enjoys a good book without the much leisure time, we suggest you pack one or two for your trip.  For those who feel out of the loop, here are sites that offer best seller lists with popular options:  http://www.nytimes.com/best-sellers-books/, http://www.amazon.com/best-sellers-books-Amazon/zgbs/books and http://books.usatoday.com/list/index.

    Music Soothes the Soul – Music and the beach are the perfect combination.  Remember to pack your favorite CDs or purchase a couple by favorite artists already on your wish list.  Bring your ipod or create a great Spotify play list loaded with favorites.  Whether relaxing poolside, sipping a beverage from breezy decks or preparing a gourmet meal, a background of inspiring music enhances every experience.

    Inspiring Meals – For those who love to cook, preparing creative meals is a relaxing outlet with grateful beneficiaries!  If cooking is your form of relaxation, plan ahead by packing a few of your favorite recipes to prepare during your stay.  Or, purchase the latest version of the Outer Banks Cookbook and try some local recipes at http://obxcookbook.com/.  Fresh seafood, locally grown produce and select cuts of meat are readily available at Outer Banks grocery stores and produce stands.

    Friendly Competition – The perfect rainy day activity always includes a deck of cards.  Whether you appreciate a quiet game of solitaire or a rambling poker game, remember to include a deck of cards on your packing list.  Specialty decks of Uno and Phase 10 are inexpensive and provide exhilarating interaction between parents and children.  Popular card games for younger travelers are Old Maid, Go Fish, Spoons, Slapjack or War.  Other easy-to-pack games of skill include Pick-up Sticks, A Barrel of Monkeys and Jacks.

    Popcorn and Movies – A favorite pastime, movie-watching after a day at the beach is an ideal way to relax.  Whether you enjoy Hollywood productions, independent films or documentaries, your vacation allows for time to catch a new film or revisit an old favorite.  Many homes provide video libraries, or you can pack a few family favorites to bring along.  Winding down with a good movie and your favorite popcorn provide a fulfilling end to a perfect day.