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    Rare Beauty of the Wild Horses of Corolla

    By Ryan
    April 29, 2013

    There are few experiences as breathtaking as the Spanish mustang herds that run wild and free along the shores of Corolla.  There are over 100 colonial Spanish mustangs living on about 7,544 acres of wild horse sanctuary in Corolla, and these beautiful animals have been roaming our shores for over 500 years. While staying at one of our Outer Banks Corolla rentals, set asideThere are over 100 colonial Spanish mustangs living on about 7,544 acres of wild horse sanctuary in Corolla some time during your vacation to witness these majestic horses.

    Designated as the official state horse in 2010, the beautiful Spanish mustangs of Corolla are not native to the Outer Banks. Through DNA testing it was proven the wild horses are direct descendants of horses brought here by Spanish conquistadors and are currently registered as colonial Spanish mustangs. If you are staying in one of our secluded Outer Banks Corolla rentals, take time out to observe these wild and carefree creatures that have inhabited the shores of the OBX since the 1520’s. There are several stories that offer possible explanations of how these horses arrived. To learn more about their fascinating history and to witness their beauty firsthand, sign up for one of many tours that are available on the Outer Banks.

    Take a tour with a Wild Horse Specialist: Take a two hour trip with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Inc. to learn more about these gorgeous horses and their origin.  Spend time with the experts who are directly responsible for the wild horse herd. Each trip is designed around the daily activities of the horses, allowing you to view them in their natural habitat, while gaining insight from the herd manager.  Proceeds from these trips are allocated to support the wild horses.

    Bring the whole family on a tour: At Bob’s Off-Road Wild Horse Adventure Tours, the focus is on family. If you brought the entire family to stay at one of our Outer Banks Corolla rentals, this is an experience sure to delight all age groups. These vehicles can seat up to fifteen people and provide child friendly seating.  During these tours, children and adults will learn Outer Banks history and come to understand the life cycles of these magnificent creatures.

    Rent a Jeep and take a guided tour: Wild Horse Adventure Tours offers three choices to for exploring the 4-wheel drive area.  You can select the “Mini Coach Horse Tour” to travel in a custom 4X4  that is enclosed with A/C.  The “Excursion Coach Horse Tour” provides travel in a custom open-top Hummer.  Or, you can choose the “Tagalong Guided Tours,” which allows you to rent a jeep and travel along.  Select any one of these two hour off road tours to experience the wild horses in your own style.

    See these Spanish Mustangs while vacationing here in the Outer Banks is a picturesque opportunity not easily described. All of these amazing tours provide you with a rare opportunity to witness their incredible beauty and carefree lives along the shores of the Outer Banks.