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    Daredevil’s Baseball on the Outer Banks

    By Ryan
    May 6, 2016

    Daredevils Baseball OBXOuter Banks Daredevils baseball is back for another year at the First Flight High School ball field located in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

    There are no aluminum pings when bat meets ball, just the satisfying “pop” of wood connecting with leather that has been a part of baseball since the sport was invented.

    Bringing college talent to the Outer Banks, the Daredevils play in the Tidewater Summer League, a wooden bat league that gives college kids who’ve spent their careers playing with aluminum bats, a first chance to experience what playing under major league rules is all about.

    The students come from across the United States with some from foreign countries sprinkled in the mix. This year’s roster includes players from California, via the University of the Puget Sound, one from JMY in Florida and catcher/infielder, Jose Rosales, from Venezuela by way of Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio.

    This is a true community team, and the young men spend the summer with host families, who often attend games and are the “moms” and “dads” outcheering other attendees.

    Games are played every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday throughout the months of June through early August, and the Daredevils offer a great evening of entertainment for families. Ticket prices are very reasonable—adults, $5.00; seniors and students, $4.00 and kids 10 and under get in for free. The concession prices won’t break the bank either. To put it in perspective, it’s possible for a family of four to walk out with change in their pockets on a $50 budget.

    Everything about the Daredevils experience makes it ideal for families; the stadium is very safe and set apart from everything else, so children have space to run around and expend some energy. Games are played on a high school field, so the seating is close to the action. The field is huge, and with the wind often blowing from the south, a home run is a rare occurrence.

    For some of these players, this is their first step toward professional baseball. The skill level is by no means at major league level of play, but it is a very good brand of ball. The Daredevils management interviews players extensively before they can don a uniform to ensure they understand they represent wholesome sportsmanship and will set a good example to children who arrive at the park.

    An evening of baseball is a great way to wrap up a day at the beach, a family friendly and all-American experience for all age groups. The gates open at 6:00 p.m. and game time is 7:05 p.m. Please keep in mind that because games are played on school property, no alcoholic beverages are permitted.