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    Where Can I Practice Yoga on the Outer Banks?

    By Ryan
    April 23, 2013

    Village Yoga Duck, NCThere’s nothing like a family trip to the Outer Banks to spend time with those you love, momentarily escape life’s responsibilities and soak up the salt water and sunshine. To further enhance your relaxation, consider spending time at our favorite new retreat in the town of Duck, Village Yoga.

    Stepping into their bright and airy studio in Scarborough Faire is like entering a tree top sanctuary.  The space has an immediate calming effect and is creatively furnished with reclaimed wood from some of the Outer Bank’s oldest beach boxes, a relaxing palette of colors and local art.  

    Since opening in March, 2013, the studio was quickly embraced by both locals and guests.  I spoke with co-owners Katie Kennis and Jess Moody to gain more insight about their vision and inspiration for Village Yoga:

    What inspired you to open a yoga studio on the Outer Banks? 

    While in college we used to always talk about starting a studio, and last year things aligned perfectly with the opportunity at our fingertips. We see a large health conscious shift happening in many communities where we travel and we know that our tiny sand bar of the Outer Banks can soon become a part of this lifestyle.  We are a part of the growing demand for yoga on the Outer Banks and when we realized that Duck could benefit the most from a studio we didn’t hesitate to make our dreams a reality.

    What can we expect from a class at Village Yoga?

    A fresh approach to your yoga practice with fun, energizing, and creative classes.  We take pride in offering something for everyone. Our classes range from strengthening power vinyasa flows to gentle restorative classes.  During our vinyasa classes we like the music loud and our bodies moving.  While we do enjoy our higher energy flow classes, we also  offer rejuvenating Level 1 basic and restorative classes with clear, detailed instructions. We have a diverse group of teachers and guarantee that any level of student can feel comfortable in our studio.

    New to yoga?  No worries … this studio provides a variety of yoga training, including beginner, multi-level and advanced classes.  The instructors are in tune with the individual student experience and are focused on a positive outcome for all.  As an added benefit, instructors are available to visit your rental home and teach a private beach yoga class for you and your family. And, if you really want to add zen to your vacation, week-long unlimited passes are available.

    For an up-to-date schedule, information about private lessons and directions to the studio, visit www.duckvillageyoga.com 

    Village Yoga Scarborough Faire Shopping Center, Space #46 (upstairs), 1177 Duck Road, Duck, NC  27949