Monica Thibodeau & the Future of the Outer Banks

Monica Thibodeau Carolina DesignsIn addition to being the managing partner of Carolina Designs Realty (CDR), owner Monica Thibodeau, has always held a strong commitment to the well-being of Outer Banks communities. This is reflected in many ways, but primarily through member affiliations and active participation in local boards and committees.

Monica, who has served as Mayor Pro Tem of Duck since 2003, recently made the decision to run for a seat on the Dare County Board of Commissioners. If elected, Monica will bring the same vision, passion and energy to the County as she demonstrates in the growth of her business and her commitment to the town of Duck.

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Outer Banks Southern Comfort

Nags Head Rental HomeIn 2015, elevate your Outer Banks vacation experience to the highest level! Carolina Designs Realty is pleased to welcome the 1st “Southern Living Showcase Home” on the Outer Banks, a beautifully designed and masterfully crafted oceanfront estate, Southern Comfort, better known as SoCo.

The list of what makes this property remarkable is a long one; first and foremost, this showcase home provides all the comfort and amenities one would expect from a five-star retreat. Built by SAGA Construction & Development, this opulent Nags Head oceanfront retreat will be open for annual public tours, and it is available for weekly vacation rentals beginning May 10, 2015.

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Things to do at Your Outer Banks Beach House

Outer Banks Ocean ViewIt’s true that some of our guests arrive on the Outer Banks and are ready for adventure, but many others arrive, unpack and spend their time strolling between their vacation home and our beautiful beaches.  Relaxation is their focus and they arrive with no other agenda.  If you fall into this category, we offer these suggestions to make the most of your respite.

Escape with a Good Book – Whether you’re an avid reader, or someone who enjoys a good book without the much leisure time, we suggest you pack one or two for your trip.  For those who feel out of the loop, here are sites that offer best seller lists with popular options:, and

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Extraordinary Friendships

The Duckies

It’s exciting to discover loyal customers who’ve consistently rented from Carolina Designs Realty for 15 years, but it’s the heart-warming reason why that really captured our attention.  In this day and age, life’s twists and turns often result in relocation.  For girlfriends who met at a church group in Pittsburgh, these relocations resulted in members moving away, yet wanting to remain connected.

This story begins in 1997, when they all agreed to an Outer Banks reunion.  The women were to meet in Duck in September, with some friends agreeing to travel from as far away as Colorado and California.  What began as a one-time trip has now turned into their 15th year annual reunion.  Their commitment has remained consistent, except in 2003 when Hurricane Isabel’s timeline coincided with their reservations.

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Working in a Resort Community

Five days a week, I make the trip from Currituck Mainland on to the Outer Banks.  My 40 minute drive takes me over the Wright Memorial Bridge, through Southern Shores and then finally descending into the Town of Duck. Throughout the rental season, I drive to work surrounded by joggers, cyclists, strollers and shoppers that meander up and down NC 12 taking in the natural beauty of Duck.  For many, this would be a distraction, but I genuinely enjoy working in a resort environment.

At Carolina Designs Realty, Saturdays are our busiest days.  There’s never a boring moment.   My desk faces the breezeway that connects the Sales Division to our Rental Office.  Benches and chairs line the corridor, so it’s the perfect place for vacationers to escape the summer heat while waiting for cottage keys.  There is a noticeable difference between renters checking in and guests who are leaving.  The Outer Banks offers a retreat for many residing in larger, industrious cities.  They are here to enjoy the natural beauty and relaxed environment found at our beaches and those leaving are visibly changed.

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