Town of Nags Head, North Carolina Sand Fencing Project

The Town of Nags Head is accepting authorization letters requesting the placement of sand fence on the eastern face of the primary dune at residential properties along the oceanfront.  In order to be eligible, the sand fencing must be placed outside (westward) of the “wet sand” beach.  If a property owner is interested in participating in this multi-year project, they must submit a completed authorization letter (see below) requesting, and authorizing, this work to be done at their location.  If a citizen has any questions, they can contact the Public Works Director, at 252-449-4203.

Funds for this project are being provided by the Dare County Shoreline Management Commission.  The work will begin in early January 2008, and continue in future fiscal years as funds are made available.  Work in upcoming years may also include the planting of beach grass to stabilize dunes created, or enlarged, by the new sand fencing.

Nags Head Dune Planting and Sand Fencing Project
Property Owner Authorization

I hereby give my permission to the Town of Nags Head (hereafter referred to as “the Town”) to erect sand fencing and plant dune grasses on the tract referenced below, on the beach during the duration of the project, commencing January 1, 2008 and ending August 31, 2010. 

In addition, I have no objection to similar work planned for neighboring riparian owner lands.  I authorize the Town to act as my agent to secure any and all CAMA permits which may be required for sand fencing and or planting of dune grasses for this project. 

Permission granted herein, to erect sand fencing and plant dune grass, may be rescinded by the property owner at any time by written notice to the Public Works Director. 

This Letter of Authorization, and any subsequent revocation of this authorization, should be directed to: 

Public Works Director
Town of Nags Head
P.O. Box 99
Nags Head, NC  27959-0099 

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Property Owner(s):

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