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    Our Duck, North Carolina vacation rental homeowners can stay in the know by simply requesting to be included in an email list that Sandy Cady, Zoning Technician/CAMA LPO in the Planning & Zoning Department of the Town of Duck keeps up-to-date information on any ordinances or ordinance amendments.

    This is just an update to let you know that the Town Council for the Town of Duck adopted three (3) Zoning Ordinance amendments at its meeting on Wednesday, October 3, 2007. 

    Ordinance 07-13 amends Fill Regulations as they relate to Section 43.4, Land Disturbing Activities;

    Ordinance 07-14 amends the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance regarding the definition of free and clear of obstruction and;

    Ordinance 07-15 amends the Zoning Ordinance regarding building height

    Additional zoning text amendments regarding Pump and Haul Wastewater Systems, and requirements for the submission of site surveys in support of building and land disturbance permits are expected to be discussed at the December Council Meeting.

    To place your email address with Sandy, email or call 252.255.1234.

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