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    The communications system in place for our vacation rental guests to make long distance phone calls from our vacation rental homes, Navis Technologies, also provides a valuable service to our guests and homeowners.  With the help of our very able technical staff to program the property management system, we are able to send messages to mass quantities of residences.  This system was used to inform our guests and homeowners about our status during major hurricanes.  We are able to advise our guests of their check in location and time of arrival.  The program can send a message to notify customers having a remaining outstanding balance to be paid.  We can send a message to each vacation rental home advising when trash pick up day is scheduled.  These are but a few of the reasons why a universal message would be sent to a large number of people.  The system is available for our use via the Internet.  With a simple click of the mouse, a file containing literally hundreds of telephone numbers can be uploaded and the message can be sent in minutes.  For a vacation property management company, this kind of system has proved to be an essential communication tool.  We are pleased to have this system in place and continually find new uses for its service.  Special thanks to our technical staff for their ability to make the most of such a useful program!

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