Driving the Outer Banks

Duck Road NC12Now that the summer season is officially here and our roads, businesses and beach accesses are once again filled with out-of-state license plates, just about everyone who lives on the Outer Banks is exhaling a huge sigh of relief. This may seem contradictory to people who don’t live here; why look forward to slow moving highways and busy stores?

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Running the Outer Banks

Running Events Outer BanksLocated off the northeast coast of North Carolina, the Outer Banks (or OBX) features a scenic expanse of coastal beauty and has become a haven for runners and host to numerous annual racing events. The 120 miles of barrier islands provides a variety of diverse running terrain ranging from sand and dirt paths to pavement with long stretches of flat land interspersed with rolling hills. Simply spoken, there is something for Outer Banks runners of all skill sets, so the most difficult part of running the Outer Banks is deciding where to run.

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The Lighthouses of the Outer Banks

Hatteras LightThere is, perhaps, no more treacherous stretch of shoreline than the coast of the Outer Banks. Flanked by shifting shoals that extend as far as 14 miles off shore, the Atlantic Ocean along the northeastern North Carolina coast has rightfully been termed the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

There is no record of when the first European ship sank in these waters, but the most likely candidate would have been a Spanish galleon in the mid 1500s.

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Spring and Summer Fishing on the Outer Banks

Outer Banks FishingThe Outer Banks is a 200-mile-long string of what are called “barrier islands.” Lying off the coast of North Carolina and a very small portion of Virginia, the Outer Banks offer stunning natural beauty, a temperate climate, and some of the best fishing opportunities in the country. After a long winter spent with fishing gear put away, many avid sport fishing fans are all too eager to once again take up the challenge of landing fish of all types, and they often head to the Outer Banks to do so. Spring and summer fishing in the Outer Banks appeals to fisherman from all over the country, and for good reason.

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2014 Outer Banks Economic Forecast

Oregon Inlet Bridge 2014No one can say with any certainty what the future holds, but it doesn’t hurt to make an educated guess, which seems to be what came out of an Economic Forecast breakfast held by the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce sponsored in March.

For property management especially, the indicators for 2014 are positive. In reviewing data presented by Kurt Canning of Hutchins Canning & Company, the co-sponsors of this event, all signs show continued growth and profitability for the Outer Banks vacation rental industry.

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