Outer Banks Outdoors

Only on the Outer Banks..

The Outer Banks is home to some of the most diverse and thrilling outdoor activities that you will find on a family vacation. Although some of these activities are popular in other parts of the country, ours are unique because the Outer Banks offers the full package. Nowhere else on the East Coast can visitors enjoy such an array of activities and adventures all on one tiny stretch of coastline.

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Outer Banks Beach Combing

OBX Beach CombingAfter the front passed out to sea, a clear and cool day dawned on the Outer Banks. The Atlantic Ocean, still in turmoil from the passing storm, was thundering ashore, and the crescendo and decrescendo of each wave as it collided into and retreated from the beach carried easily a half mile inland.

The waves were not that large, yet there was a thunderous power to them as they crested and then crashed into the surf with the slowly retreating tide. At its highest point the storm had pushed the sea’s waters to the very base of the dunes, but those mounds of sand held and the ocean never encroached upon the homes or road along the shoreline.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife – Outer Banks Birds, Alligators and Wolves

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge There is a unique beauty on the Outer Banks that is both understated and breathtaking, a piece of nature that has drawn the curious and adventurous to these barrier island since before the first Europeans set foot on Roanoke Island.

The preservation of its beauty has largely fallen to the Federal government and large swaths of the Outer Banks are owned and managed by the either the National Park Service (NPS) or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFW).

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Annual Outer Banks Marathon

OBX Marathon WinnerThe 9th Annual Outer Banks Marathon will be run over Veteran’s Day Weekend which is when it’s held every year. It’s a huge event with approximately 6,500 participants lasting over the course of this weekend.

One of the best features of this event is how inclusive it is for a variety of people. There’s something for everyone over the weekend, fun runs, a 5k and 10K and a half marathon, making this a real family event. With the history of the event, a fundraiser for the Dare Education Foundation (DEF), it makes perfect sense that this event should be family-friendly.

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Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge

Eagle at the Outer BanksAlligator River National Wildlife Refuge isn’t exactly on the Outer Banks but it’s not that far away either, and for anyone looking to learn about the area’s natural history it is worth the trip across the Roanoke Sound.

Created 30 years ago, it’s one of the largest wildlife refuges on the East Coast. It consists of 154,000 acres of marsh, swamp, pocosin, forest and a bombing range-although the range is actually 47,000 acres surrounded by the refuge and not considered part of it.

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